12 thoughts on “Sanford Reports 2023 Hugo Finalists Will Be Released 7/6

  1. That would be tomorrow at midday german time. Will be an interesting day, if true. I hope but I am skeptical (also skeptical if we get a HugoPacket this year.

  2. I am skeptical about getting a packet too. Although I did notice what appeared to be packet download buttons (not working yet, of course) when I logged into the not-ready voting area the other night.

  3. I understand that it was the finalists who got that email notice. Very kind of Jason to tell the rest of us 🙂

  4. Oh, I was wondering about not getting that email. (I’ve had surprisingly good luck receiving Chengdu’s emails.)

    Thanks to Jason and Mike for passing on the info.

  5. I would assume that email from worldcon was only sent to Jason. I confirmed with one finalists that he did not receive such communication.

  6. I don’t assume that it only went to Jason, based on Paul Weimer’s earlier comment.

  7. I hope the Hugo Finalast list is released tomorrow. And that we get a Hugo packet.

    Those would both be nice things.

  8. The email was supposedly sent to all Hugo finalists. Here’s the essential info in the email:

    The official announcement of the Hugo Finalist Ballot is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, July 6, 2023, 13.00 GMT (09.00 EST). The announcement will be made through the Chengdu website and social media channels. There will be both text and a short video announcement. Voting is scheduled to open starting on July 10th, and will continue through September 30th. The Convention will be assembling a Hugo packet as in previous years. You will be able to contribute work to the packet so that the voters can review it in order to inform their vote. The packet will be hosted for download at a site or sites that are accessible only to members of the Chengdu Worldcon.

  9. I read this post at about 0639 PDT and the list is up. I shouldn’t be picky but the Chengdu fans should have a native English speaker check their grammar and word usage.

    Now I need to do some reading and watching.

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