Seattle Convention Center Goes Green

The Seattle in 2011 bid is pleased to announce that their proposed facility, the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle has gone green.

Bobbie DuFault explained to readers of the Smofs list this is a plus for the convention center, not the general philosophy of the Seattle bid: “The Worldcon bid should we win will not dictate just how green you go with your own individual endeavors. The hotels are not green either to my knowledge.”

The bid’s full press release appears after the jump.


The Emerald City, Seattle, home of a bid to host the Worldcon in 2011, is pleased to announce that their chosen convention center, the Washington Trade & Convention Center, is GREEN!

Located in one of the most environmentally progressive cities in the nation, the Washington State Convention & Trade Center (Center) has long been an industry leader in energy conservation and recycling.

In 2007, the Center recycled 174 tons of cardboard, 2,460 pounds of aluminum cans, 186 tons of mixed paper, plastic and glass, 12 tons of scrap metal, and an estimated 8,000 wood shipping pallets were returned for reuse. Some 3,300 gallons of kitchen oil and grease were sent to a rendering plant for recycling. The entire Center’s hot and cold drink cups are compostable, and customers now have the option to order 100% compostable food service items. In addition, recycling obsolete computer equipment, spent batteries and thousands of fluorescent bulbs and ballasts greatly reduces environmental toxins.  Even such things as vinyl banners are recycled through the services provided by the Center.

Seattle in 2011″ is a bid to host the 69th World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”) in downtown Seattle in 2011. The bid hopes to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Seacon, the 1961 Worldcon in Seattle. The Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee (SWOC), which has hosted three Westercons and Cascadia Con, the very successful North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) in 2005, sponsors the bid. SWOC also organizes ConComCon, a conrunning convention held in the Pacific Northwest each year, and SWOC is the parent corporation of ConFilkt, the new filk convention in Seattle.

For further information, contact the bid at bid-info(at)seattlein2011(dot)org.

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