Seattle Will Host 2012 Westercon

Kevin Standlee interrupted his own Match Game SF show Friday night at the Pasadena Westercon so teller Sharon Sbarsky could “unofficially” announce fans had voted for Seattle to host the con in 2012.

Kevin took it awfully well considering that meant defeat for his Tonopah write-in bid. In fact, he did a brief ecstatic dance and shouted into his microphone as he spun “You know who was going to have to chair if Tonopah won…!”

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2 thoughts on “Seattle Will Host 2012 Westercon

  1. Well, technically speaking, the Bid Chair (and Con Chair Presumptive) was Kevin’s teddy bear, Kuma Bear. But I can imagine that, as Chairman’s Aide, Kevin would end up taking up a lot of the slack…

  2. Kuma Bear only the Bid Chair; the Tonopah in 2012 committee had announced here on site that had the (complicated) series of things happened to award the bid to Tonopah, I would have been Con Chairman. Lisa says that Kuma Bear (who normally lives in Lisa’s backpack) knew what he could and couldn’t do, and serving as Bid Chair was his limit.

    The other Bid Committee jobs were me, Treasurer, and Lisa, Hotel Liaison and Bid Coordinator. Lisa and Kuma spent three days in Tonopah in January 2009 waiting for her pickup to be repaired.

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