Selling on Smashworlds

Francis Hamit has good news: “I signed up for Smashwords and have actually sold something. I think the founder, Mark Coker, has a very innovative approach to publishing and distribution and your readers might want to read this interview from Self Publishing Review to get the full story. This is a far better service than Amazon Shorts was, or publishing in the Amazon Kindle directly is. Much less hassle. Those fans who aspire to be writers can test their material here. This could be transformative.”

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One thought on “Selling on Smashworlds

  1. I am thrilled that someone has read 20% of my book and decided to buy the rest. It’s a ssimple as this: the work is in the market and selling. I am very glad that Mark Coker made the market available to me to take my work directly to it and offer it for sale. I had become very weary of agents/editors telling me they had enjoyed the read but weren’t prepared to take my work on. It’s a fine site, works well, and easy to use. I recommend it to any writer; amature, semi-pro or pro.

    Chris Northern
    Author of Prison of Power, a fantasy novel
    Sample or Purchase Prison of power at

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