Senter Busted for Keeping the Con in JumpCon

Shane Senter, the 36-year-old owner of JumpCon LLC, has been indicted on felony theft and consumer fraud charges in New Hampshire.

JumpCons were projected as a series of celebrity-studded media conventions. But the Boston event was canceled last July and the rest of the series never materialized. A couple of the actors disclaimed JumpCon’s announcements that they’d been the ones to cancel first. Fans acrimoniously demanded refunds, and some Adrian Paul fans contacted authorities in New Hampshire where the LLC is registered.

The Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph will have more coverage in the April 28 edition.  Only the headline is accessible as I write this on April 27. Perhaps this link will work later on Tuesday. Or not.

[Via Isaac Alexander.]

Update 04/28/2009: The link now works and the latest report says:

According to the state attorney general’s consumer complaint search, there have been 44 complaints lodged against JumpCon from July 2008 through March, most of which remain open and unresolved.

Senter was indicted on two, class B felony theft charges, each of which carries a maximum of up to 3-1/2 to seven years in prison, and four misdemeanor counts of “unfair or deceptive business practices,” in violation the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

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