8 thoughts on “SF Lovers Speed Dating

  1. I can’t be the only one who looked at this, saw that the event is at a restaurant, and thought “SF lovers digest.”

  2. Questions: “Star wars or StarTrek” “Lord of theRings: book or movie?” ” Early Heinlein or later?” “Philip K. Dick: threat or menace?” “Acting out John Norman: yes or no?” “would you do IT in a furry costume?” “Series or stand alone novels?” Long novels or shortstories?” “CGI or animitron?”

  3. This part seems bizarre to the point of inexplicable to me:

    This event is sold out to women. There is still space for men. Women can sign up if they get a man to sign up with them. Otherwise, women can click here to be added to the waitlist for this event.

    Really, there are vastly more women sf enthusiasts out there looking for mates then men?


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