SFContario Comes to Toronto in 2010

SFContario will gather sf fans in downtown Toronto over the November 19-21 weekend in 2010 for a “big tent” type of convention offering guests of honor Michael Swanwick, author of Bones of the Earth and winner of five Hugo awards; Karen Linsley, writer and performer of the Mars Society anthem “Pioneers of Mars”; Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden; and Geri Sullivan.

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SFContario Announces Date, Location, Guests, and Rate

SFContario brings science fiction conventions back to downtown Toronto. The convention will be held on November 19-21, 2010 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Toronto. Guests of honour include:

    * Michael Swanwick, author of Bones of the Earth, winner of the Nebula, World Fantasy, and five Hugo awards

    * Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Tor Books editors and noteworthy bloggers; Patrick won the Hugo for Best Professional Editor in 2007

    * Geri Sullivan, fan editor and convention organizer, shared the Hugo for Best Fanzine in 2007

    * Karen Linsley, writer and performer of the Mars Society anthem “Pioneers of Mars”

The attending membership rate is $35 until December 9, then will rise to $45. Interested parties may wish to register online at http://sfcontario.ca/html/register.html quickly to get the lower rate.

SFContario will be a general-interest science fiction convention focused mainly on literary science fiction, though programming will also include items and events about science, editing and publishing, television and film, filk and other music, gaming, costuming, fan culture, and other creative and participatory aspects of science fiction and fandom.

The Ramada Plaza is a renovated classic property at 300 Jarvis Street, south of Carlton Street and across from Toronto’s unique Allan Gardens Conservatory. It is a twelve-minute walk from Yonge and Dundas and very convenient to restaurants, shopping, theatres, and other tourist attractions and amenities in Toronto’s downtown core.

for more information

contact:      Alexander von Thorn, Chair

land mail:    151 Gamma Street, Toronto, ON  M8W 4G3 

phone:        (416) 879-3307

email:         [email protected]

web:           http://sfcontario.ca

about the organization

SFContario is hosted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society of Upper Canada, a new organization devoted to “encouraging the creation, appreciation, and understanding of science fiction, fantasy, and speculation in all media.”

SFContario can also be found on Facebook, LiveJournal, and Google Groups under the group name “SFContario”.

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  1. Toronto hasn’t had a fan-run genre event in the fall for quite a while, so it’s good to see one starting up.

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