Signal Boost For Danielle Wolverton Search

Kevin J. Anderson is helping get out the word:

The daughter of my very close friend David Farland (Dave Wolverton) is missing. Dave is a well-known, bestselling author of epic fantasy and Star Wars. Please help us get a signal boost by sharing this around:

David and Mary Wolverton’s 27 year old daughter Danielle is missing. She drives a Silver Toyota Yaris with a dented hood. Last seen Tuesday (June 30) driving north on I-5 in Los Angeles. This is a recent photo of her at her brother’s HS graduation. If you see or hear anything, please contact your local police department, or the Wolverton family in Southern Utah (St. George area).”

People posting on the Dave Farland Facebook page call her Danielle Wolverton, so I have followed that usage here.

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