Skeletor Wishes You Happy Honda Days

By James H. Burns: I’m just a little too old for the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series to have been part of my youth! But it’s intriguing to note that in the last era before video tapes proliferated (1983…), He-Man would have been one of the first times so many American kids were introduced to some of the basic tenets of fantasy and science fiction. It also seems that each day, more and more people forget about how much fantasy and science fiction — and humor! — was produced by Filmation Associates and its founders Lou Scheimer, Norm Prescott and Hal Sutherland, and such key figures as Don Christensen and longtime fan artist-turned- wonderful pro, Bob (Robert) Kline.

None of which really goes to explain why I got such a kick this weekend, when I caught this ad, featuring He-Man’s old arch nemesis!

5 thoughts on “Skeletor Wishes You Happy Honda Days

  1. I prefer the Pokey & Gumby commercial. Not just for the Claymation characters but Pokey & Gumby computer chips were used in my beloved Atari computers, arcade games, and some games cartridges. (education over)

  2. I liked the Gumby movie, and all that esoteric eastern religion stuff therein. I had paused to watched “He Man” with one of my younger brothers ‘way back, but didn’t connect with it. Guess the brain I had was too old to have a sense of wonder for it; though I recognized all the patterns laid out in HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES.

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