Suggestion Box For File 770’s Entry in Hugo Voter Packet

In very short order I am expected to send File 770’s entry for the Hugo Voter Packet.

It’s going to be a PDF, because you can’t just send them a page of links or something.

It will include File 770 #165.

I will add some posts. I could probably use advice on that — I doubt I will include any roundups, however, there are a lot of article-type posts to consider.

That summary post Filers Destroy Poetry will be included.

Where I particularly need help is deciding whether and how to represent the comments on the puppy controversies. Out of the literally thousands written here in 2015, there are no small number that could stand alone. Should I cherry pick a bunch, or not? If yes, your recommendations and the links will simplify the search.

Thanks for giving this some thought!

68 thoughts on “Suggestion Box For File 770’s Entry in Hugo Voter Packet

  1. You should be sure to include some of those posts where you comb though other people’s comment sections looking for things to be outraged about. Classic File 770. Maybe some of that Mark Oshiro witch burning saga if it’s eligible, that was epic.

  2. +many for the platypus, just being reminded of that was hilarious. Thinking on ‘stuff from the comments’, there’s Red Wombat on seed bombs. Mini reviews from people like Kyra. There’s been some great book discussion that might be able to be boiled down – I seem to recall Vasha on the fairytales behind Bone Swans was really good, but I can’t track it down.

    We should celebrate our trolls as well. Perhaps with a page of white out?

    The last page should be a series of people trying to ticky, and failing.

  3. I’m abashed, reading this thread and following some links. I should’ve nominated more commenters for Best Fan Writer!

    Hmm, I guess including a ROT-13 set of book discussion comments would be just mean to voters, eh? 😉

    How about some of the amusing flash fic from the wacky date-in-the-comment-preview thing! 😀

  4. Thanks for the couple of mentions!

    I’m consistently indebted to Mike:

    It’s ONLY his graciousness that has enabled me to occasionally fill these pages with hopefully something fun, and memorable:

    A lot of it has been my attempt to capture moments in time.

    Best, Jim

  5. Looking at the Phantom’s comment I think I found the attitude that informed the Best Fan Writers’ packet submissions last year.

    I know I only speak for one person here, but I think we should put our best foot forward for our packet submission. That is not necessarily where we waxed most vitriolic. It should instead have to do with most newsworthy, most informative, most entertaining and most fun.

    Speaking of digressions did the whole pages of comments about different kinds of pancakes fall in 2015 or 2016? I thought it gave a bit of the flavor 🙂 of File770. Maybe it is too long though? And not SFF enough?

  6. For me, one of the most significant aspects of File 770 is the recommendations.

    During the first ‘novel’ recommendations thread someone (Hampus?), made the comment that This Is what most fans do: talk about SF&F and recommend stories, not jerk others around. In other words, I think positive fandom and some damn fine reading recommendations to consider, are essential components to the spirit of this community therefore worthy of a nod in the packet.

  7. I have no specific suggestions, but I’d like to salute OGH for conceiving the File 770 nomination as one for the community rather than only the above-the-line blogging.

  8. @Cat: “a bit of the flavor” – LOL. Also, you can speak for me regarding putting our best foot forward, etc. Nicely put.

  9. Thanks for reminding me of May Tree’s “Chicago” — one of the best.

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