Supercharge Your SFF Career With These Ten Tips from Writer X

By Melanie Storm: We’re celebrating a year of Writer X with a giveaway! For three weeks from August 29 to September 12, simply leave a comment on upcoming Writer X fits for your chance to win an exclusive Writer X gift box at no cost to you. Supplies are limited so don’t wait. One gift box per household, please.

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16 thoughts on “Supercharge Your SFF Career With These Ten Tips from Writer X

  1. Call your beta reader? That’s wat three-four emails an evening are for…. And any hints on demon summoning (other than, say, > sendmail & ?)

  2. @mark Right?? That’s why the gods invented email! So that writers can pester their beta readers. It’s how the universe runs!

    Thanks for reading. Please send your mailing details to me at melanie at msmarketing dot org, I’d love to get a gift box out to you!

  3. @Camestros Felapton
    Writer X only gives the best advice. What it’s the best of, I’m still not clear, lol. Thanks so much for reading. If you send your mailing info to melanie at msmarketing dot org, I’ll get a gift box right out!

  4. @Yehoshua Paul, thanks for reading!
    Please send your mailing address to melanie at msmarketing dot org, I’ll get a gift box out to you toute suite.

  5. Thanks, but I’m trying to declutter and don’t really need a gift box. But I do want you to know that I appreciate these, erm, misdirected emails!

  6. @Michaele Jordan, you’ll be an overnight success! ;-D I’d love to send you a care package. Please send your details along to melanie at msmarketing dot org and I’ll get it right out. Thanks for reading!

  7. The hang gliding didn’t work as well as I had hoped. It turns out that those windows don’t open from the outside, and it’s more difficult than you’d expect to break a window wearing a harness.

    On the bright side, the cast fits under the bed.

  8. If those pesky publishers can’t recognize true talent when it comes crashing through their windows, just remember the old maxim that says “There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved with a suitable application of high explosives.”

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