Supercolossal Fan Race

Two-fan teams competing for a $200 prize will hoof it through downtown San Diego in search of the pop-culture clues needed to win the Supercolossal Fan Race on July 24. The event is being organized by the same crew that hosts the annual San Diego Rocket Race

Dynamic duos will get a chance to put their geekiness to the ultimate test as they race on foot around downtown San Diego. Encompassing more than just the sci-fi nerdiness of our San Diego Rocket Race, we’re pulling from all the depths of fandom: comics, movies, fantasy, gaming, and more. If it’s popular and geeky, we might just throw it at you.

Since driving downtown during Comic-Con is just plain stupid, the Supercolossal Fan Race is on foot only (no pedicabs, bikes, rollerblades). Teams of two need to stick together as they solve clues and find the next checkpoint. Comic-Con registration is not required. The race should be able to be completed by 9 PM.

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San Diego Rocket Race logo

Looking for something to do on the evening of Thursday, July 24? Going to be in beautiful downtown San Diego for Comic-Con? Want to have fun in a chance to win a $200 grand prize?

The San Diego Rocket Race team (that brought the Wizard’s Quest and Death Race 2008 to ConDor) is putting on a race around downtown San Diego:


*Starting Line: “Coming Together” mosaic/sculpture at the south end of the San Diego Convention Center

*Starting Time: 7 pm

*Entrance Fee: $20 for a team of two.

How it works:

At the start of the race, each team of two will receive a packet with their first clue, which will lead them to a place where they will receive their second clue, which when solved will lead them to a place to get their third clue, etc. Clues will require solving puzzles based on all sorts of things you might find at Comic-Con: movies, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, etc. (more than just the standard sci-fi fare from the annual fall Rocket Race or the fantasy themes of their ConDor races). Racers will travel on foot, and the race should take no more than 2 hours.

A Comic-Con badge is not required.

Did I mention that the first place prize is $200?

Get more information or register online at or show up with $20 cash on-site for registration.

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2 thoughts on “Supercolossal Fan Race

  1. The $200 prize isn’t all that enticing, but the event does sound like it could be fun. Probably not so much so as a spectator thing, though, unless the teams will be followed around by live TV cameras.

    This is almost enough to make me want to visit San Diego once again, though to be honest I’d probably skip the Fan Race and Comic-Con. You’d probably find me in Old Town, or at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater & Science Center, or Sea World, or the Zoo, or just lounging about at Mission Bay. In many visits there, though none since 1989, I just kind of automatically gravitate to places like that.

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