Superhero Quiz

By Carl Slaughter: Pop quiz:  Which of these superheroes did not originate as a comic book character?

  • Dredd
  • Blade
  • V
  • Robocop
  • Darkman
  • Constantine
  • The Tick
  • Hancock
  • The Crow
  • Punisher
  • Spawn

Here is the answer key in ROT-13.

  • Ebobpbc
  • Qnexzna
  • Unapbpx

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15 thoughts on “Superhero Quiz

  1. Knew 2, got the third one from deductoion, because it was the only one I didnt know.
    I know too much about comics, considering I dont really read them.

    @Carl Slaughter: Can I use this question for a quizgame?

  2. Well, since the three correct answers are seven letters each and there are only three characters whose names are seven letters long, it wasn’t exactly a $2,000 Jeopardy question.

  3. Rich Lynch: LOL — if we do this again I will remember to put in some nulls in the answers.

  4. I got 100%. All those years of comic book reading has finally paid off.

  5. Let’s make it interesting…here’s the titles in which the comic book originating characters made their first story appearance, but in alphabetical title order. As it happens, only one debuted in their own title, so I’ve just put Same Named Book for that one. Anyone want to take a shot at matching the titles to the characters?

    Amazing Spider-Man
    Caliber Presents
    New England Comics Newsletter
    Same Named Book
    Swamp Thing
    Tomb of Dracula

  6. My wildass guesses (never been a comicbook reader) in rot13 hopefully obfuscated enough to make it less than obvious without decoding….

    2000N.Q. V’z thrffvat Qerqq
    Nznmvat Fcvqre-Zna znlor chavfure?
    Pnyvore Cerfragf Pbafgnagvar?
    Arj Ratynaq Pbzvpf Arjfyrggre jryy Ylzr Pbaarpgvphg unf gvpxf
    Fnzr Anzrq Obbx vf cebonoyl i
    Fjnzc Guvat fbhaqf yvxr n cynpr gung fcnja jbhyq fubj hc
    Gbzo bs Qenphyn zvtug unir n pebj…
    Jneevbe jbhyq gung or Oynqr?

  7. Going by memory so I might have got a few wrong.

    2000A.D. Dredd
    Amazing Spider-Man Punisher
    Caliber Presents The Crow
    New England Comics Newsletter The Tick
    Same Named Book Spawn
    Swamp Thing Constantine
    Tomb of Dracula Blade
    Warrior V

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