10 thoughts on “They Think It’s A Joke

  1. McAfee Web Advisor gives a warning of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) for this con’s website, so it may not even be safe to visit that!

  2. McAfee is notorious for false positives. ZoneAlarm doesn’t flag it as malicious or unsafe.

    Having said that, there’s not a whole lot to see on the site. Their entire FAQ consists of:

    Can I bring my pet?
    Sorry, no pets, only service animals.

    What about costume weapons?
    Costume weapons are allowed only if they are very obviously safe. Please do not bring anything sharp or that can poke out an eye. All weapons are subject to inspection and tagging.

    What about harassment?
    Don’t do it!

    And their guests include:
    5 actors (3 male, 2 female)
    A comic author, a comic inker, and an unpublished author (all male)
    5 professional cosplayers (all female)
    1 burlesque entertainer (female)
    1 artist who cancelled (male)
    around 45 exhibitors and dealers

    I have no idea how reasonable the $29 1-day/$49 2-day ($40/$60 at door) admission fees are for a con of this type.

  3. LA isn’t my city, but that would be a bit much for anything with a guest list that short and no panels in London.

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