Things Are Purring Along in The Bastion

Moshe Feder says: “I have started a new Yahoo Group for the cat lovers among us called The Bastion. Here’s the official description from its home page:

The Bastion is the community of the feline goddess, Bast, by which we mean, a place for members of the SF, Fantasy, and Horror communities (fans and pros both) to share their love of cats.

Tell us funny stories about your feline friends, offer pointers to interesting cat stuff on the web or in the world, post photos of your furry pals, disseminate important news and cat care tips, etc.

We’ve always been cat people, now we can do something about it in public.

“To keep things somewhat under control, The Bastion isn’t in Yahoo’s public list of groups. Any reader of File 770 interested in joining may write to me at [email protected]. Only ten members as of today, but they include Laurraine Tutihasi, Karen Silverberg, Chris Couch, Gary K. Wolf, Hank Davis, and Susan Palermo, so we’re off to a good start.”

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