Things I’d Never Know Without Google

It’s always good to know I’ve got readers, and Google Analytics shows a bunch of hits from people every day, not only my 19 visits looking for comments and to fix the egregious mistakes that escape the drafting process. (You probably didn’t need to be told that is a “newly launched community site” more than once, let alone as often as I said so in the original post.)

Google Analytics also tracks any keyword searches associated with hits. I’d have guessed most search-related hits would come from students doing homework assignments who Googled combinations of words that matched up with irrelevant material on this site. Others would come from journalists hunting for violations of “fair use” to refer to their copyright attorneys. (I have no posts that simultaneously reference (a) cats, (b) a certain pork product, (c) an adhesive substance, and (d) the name of a popular sf writer — otherwise I’m sure hits from that search would outnumber the rest.)

Google Analytics has made me realize my predictions were too tame. Here are the top search terms associated with my blog since May 1:

1. “corflu silver”
2. roberta “bert” carlson
3. file 770
4. “arnie katz” furries
5. “core fandom”
6. bruce dane
7. al curry file770
8. “dave locke” “time and again” pixel
9. elliot shorter
10. (tie) howard waldrop
10. (tie) wiscon

From this I’ve learned two things. First, that the site is branded as a place to follow certain fannish news stories, as I hoped it would be.

Second, that one of my friends took the suggestion seriously about Taral’s new column in Vegas Fandom Weekly representing the first step in a rapproachment between Core Fandom and Furry Fandom, and he’s running automated searches to be sure he misses none of the latest developments.

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