Titan’s New Robotech: Rick Hunter Comic Goes Beyond the Original Anime

Robotech, the classic 80s anime TV series — currently airing on Crunchyroll — expands into a new comic series this summer from Transformers and Kamen Rider Zero-One writer, Brandon Easton, and Power Rangers artist, Simone Ragazzoni. Robotech: Rick Hunter is a four-part mini-series published by Titan Comics, launching August 2.

The Robotech anime series first aired in the USA in 1985. Produced by Harmony Gold USA, the 85-episode series hooked viewers’ imagination with its epic storylines involving war, romance, and the transforming Veritech fighters that defend the Earth against extra-terrestrial attacks.

Set after the devastating events of the Macross saga, Robotech: Rick Hunter will see Rick Hunter face an all new threat, along with the ghosts of his past — when a Zentraedi splinter group attacks Yokohama, Rick is called to investigate. Piloting the new prototype YF-4 Veritech, Rick encounters old friends and new enemies, all while recounting the moments of his life that shaped most epic moments in the Robotech universe. For more information, visit: https://www.titan-comics.com

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 cover A by Inhyuk Lee

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 cover B by Derrick Chew

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 cover C by Simone Ragazzoni

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 cover D by Josh Burcham

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 cover E by Nahuel Grego

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 cover G by Derrick Chew (Virgin $13.99)

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 black & white interior art (Note: not final art)

[Based on a press release.]

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