Today In History 9/12

blobSeptember 12, 1956 The Blob drives audiences into movie theaters.

The film was originally going to be called The Glob. They changed the title after discovering that cartoonist Walt Kelly had already used it.

The Blobsite, dedicated to the movie, also coordinates the annual BlobFest in Phoenixville (held this year on July 10-12), which features a Friday Night Runout of screaming theater-goers….

Friday Night Runout at Blobfest.

Friday Night Runout at Blobfest.

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3 thoughts on “Today In History 9/12

  1. I remember seeing THE BLOB on late night TV when I was eight years old and being utterly terrified. When I rewatched it as a teenager I chuckled through it. Then Frank Darabont remake it in 1988 and that version was actually surprisingly smart and genuinely scary.

  2. Not to be picky about these things, but Walt Kelly was the illustrator, not the author, of “The Glob”, a satirical piece by New York Herald Tribune reporter John O’Reilly, which started out as a magazine article, and was later expanded into a small book published in 1952. But it’s true that Walt Kelly was a pretty big name at that point in time.

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