Top 10 Posts for April 2018

April’s most-read post was about an attention-craving writer suing the San Jose Worldcon.

However, protests about John Ringo ’s being named a ConCarolinas special guest produced three posts in the Top 10 – two of them about the story, and a third (“Tool Talk”) the byproduct of someone’s poorly-phrased attack on the concom’s handling of the crisis.

Here are the ten most read-and-discussed posts from April 2018.

  1. Del Arroz Files Suit Against Worldcon 76
  2. John Ringo Out As ConCarolinas Special Guest
  3. Pixel Scroll 4/23/18 It Was Me Who Ate All The Cupcakes In The File770 Office IN SELF DEFENCE!
  4. John Ringo’s Selection as ConCarolinas Guest Sparks Controversy
  5. Pixel Scroll 4/25/18 Why Is A Pixel Like A Writing Desk?
  6. 2018 Hugo Award Finalists
  7. Tool Talk
  8. Pixel Scroll 4/18/18 Wanna Bees Pulling Gees Through The Trees
  9. Pixeless Scroll 4/2/18
  10. Pixel Scroll 4/20/18 A Fool And His Pixels Are Soon Parted