Top 10 Posts for February 2010

No explanation is required for the popularity of any post containing the talismanic names of the genre’s enfants terribles (whatever their age may be.)

On the other hand, your guess is as good as mine about the extraordinary interest in the Canadian Unity Fan Fund and the related discussion.

There was a more understandable interest in the passing of several well-known authors and fans. And that’s how a months-old post about Leviathan 99 received a bunch of hits — from people searching for recent pictures of Walter Koenig, whose son Andrew went missing and was ultimately found to have died.

Here are the Top 10 most frequently viewed posts for February 2010 according to Google Analytics.

1. CUFF Race Begins Soon
2. Shy, Retiring John Scalzi
3. William Tenn (tag)
4. Charmingly, Harlan
5. Theme Songs
6. Reno Experiments with YA Membership Rate
7. Leviathan 99
8. Jim Harmon Dies
9. Tenn Aloud
10. Concave’s Annette Carrico Dies

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