Top 10 Posts For February 2017

In February’s most-read post a link to Rawle Nyanzi’s discussion of the Pulp Revolution fueled comments about everything from to Doc Savage to Jeffro’s Appendix N.

Here are the Top 10 posts for February according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 2/1/17 We Had Scrolls, We Had Fun, We Had Pixels In The Sun
  2. Pixel Scroll 1/31/17 Is It A Scroll? Is It A File? No, Its Super-Pixel!
  3. Pixel Scroll 2/2/17 If You Give A Kzin A Kazoo…
  4. Jon Del Arroz Off BayCon 2017 Program, Claims Decision Is Politically Motivated
  5. Pixel Scroll 2/13/17 Scroll Me The Pixel Of Alfredo Garcia
  6. Pixel Scroll 2/15/17 Do These Protocol Breeches Make My Throne Look Fat?
  7. Pixel Scroll 2/23/17 We Scroll Not Because It Is Easy, But Because It Is Hard
  8. Pixel Scroll 2/19/17 Put A Pinch Of Pixel Into Five Cups Of Scrolls And Knead Until It Becomes Lembas
  9. Pixel Scroll 2/27/17 That’s it! Scroll Over Man, Scroll Over!
  10. Pixel Scroll 2/12/17 Who Knows What Pixels Lurk In The Heart Of Scrolls?

Leading the list of non-Scrolls with the greatest readership was the report of Jon Del Arroz blowing the lid off BayCon’s effort to leave him off programming this year – although they had already invited him come back for 2018.  A true case of someone exposé-ing himself.

  1. Jon Del Arroz Off BayCon 2017 Program, Claims Decision Is Politically Motivated
  2. 2016 Locus Recommended Reading List Is Out
  3. Leading Critics Form Clarke Award “Shadow” Jury
  4. Ed Bryant (1945-2017)
  5. Corrected 2016 Nebula Nominees
  6. Oscar Gaffe Brings Back Memories of SF Award Blunders
  7. Weisskopf To Receive Solstice Award
  8. 2016 Nebula Award Nominees
  9. A Chance To Help Ted White
  10. Letter To A Higher Critic

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