Top 10 Posts for January 2013

There was widespread interest in Dragon*Con co-founder Ed Kramer’s failed last maneuver to avoid extradition, immediately followed by news of his arrival in a Georgia prison, presumably to stand trial at last on charges that have been pending since 2000.

In other stories, TAFF proved it is always good for a shot of adrenaline, cosplay got some surprising bad press in San Diego, and readers kept clicking away at File 770’s report of Baen’s new Amazon sales connection (last month’s top post).

Here are the Top 10 posts for January 2013 according to Google Analytics:

1. Ed Kramer (tag)
2. Theresa Derwin Enters TAFF Race
3. Ed Kramer Petitions CT Supreme Court
4. Looking Good In San Diego
5. Con*Cept To Liquidate
6. Baen Announces Amazon Relationship
7. Is Your Club Dead Yet?
8. Teed Off
9. Hamit Does First Virtual Signing on Espresso Book Machine
10. A Century of Snapshots

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