Top 10 Posts for July 2008

The month’s most closely-followed stories concerned the deaths of Bert Carlson and Bruce Dane. Here is the list of July’s 10 most-viewed posts according to Google Analytics:

1. Roberta “Bert” Carlson Killed in Highway Fatality
2. Proposed Hugo Award Changes
3. Tag = Bruce Dane
4. Bruce Dane Follow-Up
5. The Unpredictable Best Novel Hugo
6. Lakes on Titan
7. Locus Makes Some Voters More Equal Than Others
8. Bruce Dane Benefit Announced
9. Andrew Wheeler’s Hugo Handicap
10. Top 50 Novels of All Time Poll

There was one unexpected entry, because it takes a real burst of interest to get something in the Top 10 that was posted on the last day of the month. “Lakes on Titan” received 60 hits within hours of posting because my link to the original news story created a trackback in the blogs-discussing-this-article feature on the CNN website.

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