Top 10 Posts For March 2010

Several deeply troubling stories about people in the sf community’s bad experiences with US customs and border authorities received by far the most attention this past month.

There was also some spillover from Lifetime’s movie Who Is Clark Rockefeller? as people searched the internet for “Clark Rockefeller” and “John Sohus.”

Here is the complete Top 10 list of most frequently viewed posts for March 2010, according to Google Analytics.

1. Cheryl Morgan Refused Entry to US
2. Invisible Ansible
3. Jury Finds Watts Guilty
4. Once More Into the Breach
5. What Heinlein Believes
6. Clark Rockefeller (tag)
7. Heinlein’s Tea for Two
8. Jury Deliberating Watts Case
9. John Sohus (tag)
10. Watts Trial, 3/16 Afternoon

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts For March 2010

  1. Hi Mike. Comments are now disabled to the “Invisible Ansible” entry, but you asked me:

    @Rich Lynch: The “whois” search I ran on, the domain where you host Mimosa, returned a registry date of November 1999. What was the zine’s original online home?

    Before it moved to the domain, it was hosted by Roxanne Smith-Graham at her website: (or something like that). And before Roxanne had her own website, she had posted a few issues on some other site, where she had some unofficial space available, which was yanked out from under her. If she is still out there in L.A. fandom, she should be able to provide more specific information on the dates.

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you on this.

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