Top 10 Posts for March 2014

Arguing that fan Hugos ought to be voted to fans, I started a homemade kerfuffle that drew even more attention than Jonathan Ross’ brief reign as Loncon 3’s Hugo ceremony MC. Now that I know the idea is so controversial I’m glad I brought it up before the nominating deadline.

March wasn’t all feudin’ and fightin’ – we had our share of fun, too. File 770 ran two Bradbury trivia quizzes – “Up Among the Stars” and the self-satirizing “Tough Trivia Quiz.” (Not that controversy-seekers didn’t get their money’s worth — we discovered the Wikipedia misidentified its supposed photo of the Hollywood Brown Derby.)

Here are the Top 10 posts for February according to Google Analytics.

1. The Invisible Fanwriter Hugo
2. Loncon 3’s Hugo MC Withdraws
3. Negative Worldcon Bidding in the Internet Age
4. Broadway’s First “Black” Phantom (Of the Opera)
5. File 770’s Idea of a Tough Trivia Quiz
6. Larry Tucker Funeral on 3/7
7. Up Among the Stars
8. Best Professional Artist Trivia Question
9. Tarpinian: 2014 Paperback Collectors’ Show
10. Puppy Love

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