Top 10 Posts for March 2017

We only need one list this time around because four news posts broke the Scroll’s customary monopoly on the Top 10. And I assure you none of these items are April Fools, improbable as that may seem from the story lines.

Fans avidly followed posts tracing Amazon’s brief suppression of a Castalia House imitation/parody of the John Scalzi’s new book. And the top-ranked Pixel Scroll was galvanized by six comments Vox Day left harassing Rev. Bob about the one-star review he gave that goon book on Amazon.

Here are the 10 most-read posts in March according to Google Analytics.

  1. Pixel Scroll 3/22/17 I Scroll The Pixel Electric
  2. Amazon Yanks Castalia House’s “The Corroding Empire”
  3. Amazon Keeps Freeze on Sales of Castalia’s “Corrosion”
  4. What Did You Nominate for the 2017 Hugos?
  5. Pixel Scroll 3/27/17 On The Gripping Hand Of Darkness
  6. Pixel Scroll 3/24/17 No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 3/23/17 I Fifth The Pixel Electric
  8. Rabid Puppies 2017 Arrives
  9. Pixel Scroll 3/19/17 1984 Was Not Supposed To Be An Instruction Manual!
  10. Pixel Scroll 3/29/17 “Scrolls! They Were Inwented By A Little Old Lady From Pixelgrad!”

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for March 2017

  1. Why do you care more, devote more pixels to and ultimately reward Beale with more attention for this nonsense than Scalzi does?

    Just delete Beale and the Puppies from your in-tray. No-one will miss them.

  2. This post answers your question, doesn’t it? Beale stunts were the subject of the second-, third- and eighth-most-read posts of the month, and likely contributed to the readership of some of those scrolls as well.

  3. One does suspect that Puppies patronize this site a lot more than they are willing to admit. Which is pretty funny.

  4. Pedro: Beale and Scalzi are laughing all the way to the proverbial bank on this one.

    Except in Beale’s case, the bank in question is a piggy bank — which is probably almost full of quarters at this point, thanks to book purchases by his loyal sycophants. 🙄

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