Top 10 Posts For May 2012

In May, people came together to mourn fandom’s leading photographer, then split up again to argue these questions —

  • Must fans back a DUFF candidate or vote Hold Over Funds?
  • Is Con*Cept dead or only sleeping?
  • How “active” must a member of the military be to get a 2013 Worldcon discount?
  • Should a fan who questions an art maven’s press release be decapitated or merely flogged?

And more…  Here are the Top 10 posts for May 2012 according to Google Analytics:

1. Jay Kay Klein (1931-2012)
2. Art of the Fantastic Exhibit Coming to Allentown
3. Hertz: DUFF Nominations Open
4. 2012 DUFF Race Begins
5. Space Cadet #19
6. Military Discount Memberships in LoneStarCon 3
7. More Hugo Voter Packet Items Online
8. Huett: 1954 Worldcon Archive on Block
9. Hell Freezes Over
10. Hines Marches On