Top 10 Posts For October 2014

The news of Harlan Ellison’s stroke had everyone worried — to the extent that within 24 hours the announcement became the fourth-most-read post in the history of this blog. Over the following days people were gratified to hear how rapidly he regained use of his right arm. He has since returned home, though with more work ahead on his mobility.

Last year many conventions adopted a Code of Conduct or anti-harassment policy, so there is heightened interest about how they are being administered and what stress they add to a conrunning community. This past month there were several stories in that vein, one of them detailing what had been made public by two fans who filed complaints after a bad experience.

I also spoke out about Brianna Wu’s plight, with a capsule explanation of GamerGate and the threats she received.

And by the end of October I had nearly set a new File 770 record for most posts in a month — but not quite.

1. Ellison In Hospital Following Stroke
2. Eyewitnesses to Ellison’s Recovery
3. A Harvest of Apologies
4. Two More Con Code of Conduct Complaints Go Public
5. More Changes In WisCon Committee Revealed
6. Vijay deSelby-Bowen Passes Away
7. Internet Dumpster Diving
8. Brianna Wu Fights On
9. The Most Valuable Hugo
10. Vintage Trek and Batman Clips