Top 10 Posts for October 2016

Last month’s most-read Scroll reported Worldcon 75 and Dave Weingart’s parting of the ways.

However, two other posts gave the Scrolls a run for their money.

(1) Once again someone on Reddit pointed to File 770’s post about Terry Pratchett’s coat-of-arms, producing thousands of hits in a two-day period. Amazing how that works.

And (2) Vox Day released Infogalactic, a Wikipedia clone designed to be more to his readers’ taste.

Here are the top 10 posts for October.

  1. Pixel Scroll 10/8/16 No Pixel Necessary, No Scroll Needed
  2. Pixel Scroll 10/16/16 Ticking Pixels To A Cat
  3. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
  4. Vox Day Launches Infogalactic, Rival to Wikipedia
  5. Pixel Scroll 10/7/16 You Keep Using That Pixel. I Do Not Thing It Scrolls How You Think It Does
  6. Pixel Scroll 10/24/16 I’m Free. I’m Free, And Waiting For Scroll To Pixel Me
  7. Pixel Scroll 10/20/16 Pixeled In The Scroll By My Own Pixel
  8. Pixel Scroll 10/19/16 The Pixel With The Ticks Will Be The Scroll That Is Droll
  9. Pixel Scroll 10/23/16 Earth Scrolls Are Easy
  10. Pixel Scroll 10/17/16 Scrolls From Topographic Pixels

And here are the most-viewed posts, Scrolls excluded.

  1. Terry Pratchett’s Coat-of-Arms
  2. Vox Day Launches Infogalactic, Rival to Wikipedia
  3. Sunil Patel Interview
  4. More Publishers Cut Ties With Sunil Patel
  5. Best Series Hugo: Eligible Series
  6. Worldcon 75 Apologizes for ‘Grave Mishandling’ of Weingart Firing
  7. The 1980 Timewarp Project
  8. Charles Stross and the Laundry Files
  9. Describe Your Favorite Cover Art
  10. D.Douglas Fratz (1952-2016)

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