Top 10 Posts For September 2012

After a Worldcon the Top 10 is usually dominated by the Hugo Awards. Not this year.

Chicon 7’s hoax program track became the lightning rod for an array of complaints about access at the Worldcon. Chicon 7 also was caught up in the heated discussions about sexual harassment at cons – directly, because of linkage to the Readercon story, and indirectly, by the controversy over old attitudes apparent in the historic online exhbit of correspondence from Chicon III.

That’s not to say the Hugos and the other things ordinarily of interest at Worldcons were overlooked completely…

Here are the Top 10 posts for September 2012 according to Google Analytics:

1. Monsters of the Idway
2. Access Issues at Chicon 7
3. Chicon 7 Apologizes for Access Issues
4. Readercon Bans René Walling for 2 Years 
5. 2007 Loss Surprise
6. Overserved at the Drink Tank?
7. 2012 Hugo Winners
8. Chicon 7 and Kate Kligman
9. Not That You Asked
10. Fan Hugos: Random Numbers