Top 10 Posts For September 2016

Last month everybody wanted to talk about the first Dragon Award winners, not least the winners themselves. And the Hugos are always a popular discussion topic, sparked this time by Worldcon 75’s announcement of its experimental Best Series Hugo category.

Here are Top 10 posts for September 2016, Scrolls included

  1. First Dragon Awards Presented
  2. A Holiday Weekend With Comments 9/3
  3. Pixel Scroll 9/15/16 Scroll On the Water, Pixels In The Sky
  4. Pixel Scroll 9/19/16 Scroll Like A Pixel Day
  5. Pixel Scroll 9/14/16 A Trans-Atlantic Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Hurrah!
  6. Pixel Scroll 9/13/16 I Know Why The Crottled Greep Pings
  7. Talking About SF 9/5
  8. Pixel Scroll 9/25/16 Keep Your Scrolls Close, But Keep Your Pixels Closer
  9. Pixel Scroll 9/8/16 Happy Birthday Star Trek
  10. Dragon Award Winners Responses

And here are the most-viewed posts, Scrolls excluded.

  1. First Dragon Awards Presented
  2. Dragon Award Winners Responses
  3. Collected Classic SF By Women
  4. Worldcon 75 Chair Responds
  5. Dave Kyle (1919-2016)
  6. Furry Murder
  7. Helsinki To Run Best Series Hugo
  8. Digital Assistants at the Forefront of AI
  9. 2016 Recommended SF/F List
  10. Valente Wins First Eugie Foster Award

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