Top 10 Posts of January 2017

Readers returned again and again to the most-viewed post this month to discuss Lou Antonelli’s claim that editors have been boycotting him. Traffic was stimulated by a visit from the author himself, who started by saying: “Hey Aaron, old chum, I knew you’d show up. I wanted to (sarcastically) thank you for all you did to help Donald Trump get elected President….”

Current events also stirred a strong response to John Hertz’ “A Nonconformist Among Noncomformists,” making it the most-read non-Scroll in January.

Here are the Top 10 posts for January:

  1. Pixel Scroll 1/5/17 But You Scroll One Lousy Pixel….
  2. Pixel Scroll 1/6/17 It Scrolls! It Pixels! It Makes Julienne Files!
  3. Pixel Scroll 1/4/17 Four Scrolls And Seven Pixels Ago
  4. Pixel Scroll 1/29/17 Have Space Suit, Would Travel, But Ain’t Got No Visa
  5. Pixel Scroll 1/26/17 What Is The Pixel Capacity Of A European Scroll? Laden or Unladen? Aaargh!
  6. Pixel Scroll 1/19/17 She’s Got Electric Trolls, A Pixel Scroll
  7. Pixel Scroll 1/7/17 And Someday, If I Can, I’m Gonna Be A Pixel Scroller Just Like My Old Man
  8. Pixel Scroll 1/11/17 Ask Not What Your Pixel Can Scroll For You; Ask What You Can Scroll For Your Pixel
  9. A Nonconformist Among Nonconformists
  10. Pixel Scroll 1/9/17 Old King Cole Had A Merry Old Scroll

And here are the most-viewed posts, Scrolls excluded.

  1. A Nonconformist Among Nonconformists
  2. Herding Puppies
  3. The Big Three and a Lesson About Fixing Things Wrong
  4. Survey of International Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans About The Hugo Awards and the Puppies Controversy
  5. 2017 Hugo Nominations Open
  6. Take Online Survey of Shortlisted YA Award Titles
  7. “Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve” Joins Ranks of Failed Media Conventions
  8. A Speculative Kerfuffle
  9. On Another Tentacle
  10. Peter Weston (1943-2017)

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