Two 2023 Fan Hugo Winners Say One Will Be Enough

Two first-time fan Hugo winners honored at the Chengdu Worldcon have permanently recused themselves from future consideration.

Best Fancast winner Hugo, Girl! told readers:

And Chris M. Barkley said in his Best Fan Writer acceptance speech:

For more examples of fans who have, in recent years, recused themselves temporarily or permanently from Hugo contention, read here.

7 thoughts on “Two 2023 Fan Hugo Winners Say One Will Be Enough

  1. Strange attitude – I mean, you’re good but perhaps not THAT good so you’ll get another one… Humble guys they ain’t!

  2. I don’t see it as a strange attitude, Jan. I see it as not wanting to be a ballhog. There are a lot of Hugo worthy winners, and it is true that the conservative laziness of people can lead to people voting for winners again and again out of habit or unwillingness to look at the other finalists.

  3. @Jan

    I seem to recall Martha Wells also recused herself from at least one year; she already has several awards and wanted other authors to have a better chance.

  4. Jan-Erik: Fanwriter and Fanzine are categories that have a history of being repeatedly given to the same few people (and having many of the same people repeatedly nominated), so proactively taking oneself out of the running isn’t so much arrogance as a firm support of the position that fandom should look widely for worthy finalists and winners.

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