Ulrika’s Dr Who Scarf

I’ve been wanting to mention that I enjoyed Ulrika’s post about the Doctor Who scarf she’s knitting, a project she started as a means of putting to good use a stash of yarn that belonged to the late Anita Rowland.

I am knitting a Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf. Specifically, an original, Seasons 12-14 Dr. Who scarf…unless I decide to keep going and make it a Season 16 scarf. Yes, it was apparently a different scarf for many of the different seasons of the show. Who knew? As it were.

When it’s done the scarf will be auctioned off for the benefit of a fannish cause.

The work is not only fannish and charitable — it’s a cool excuse to use new online gadgets. DoctorWhoScarf.com has images of the different scarves Tom Baker wore playing the Doctor for seven seasons, and information about how to make each one. And she can report her progress using the Dr. Who Scarf scarf-o-matic progress bar widget. Ulrika was 66% done when I looked.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

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