Uncle Hugo’s Is Back!

Don Blyly’s Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s Bookstores held a successful soft opening of their new location at 2716 E. 31st St. in Minneapolis on August 14.

David Dyer-Bennet took photos and shared them on Facebook. He has generously given permission for File 770 to repost them.

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10 thoughts on “Uncle Hugo’s Is Back!

  1. I have been visiting Uncle Hugo’s/Uncle Edgar’s since the early 90’s looking for deals on half price, hard to find sci-fi and it is going to be strange in this new building. I won’t know what to do without several dozen overflow boxes of books on the floor that you go through like buried treasure 🙂

  2. The WPA mural and vault must be from when the building was a post office, in the 1930s (Minnehaha Station).

  3. This makes me so happy. I’m definitely going to have to make at trip there (with a few boxes of donor books) in the very near future.

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