Update Filers Meetup for Worldcon

By Hampus Eckerman: There is a Jazz Festival running in the Millennium Park which makes it an impractical place to have a meetup. There are fences and cops everywhere.

Instead, we will move the meetup closer. We meet at Friday, 13:00 just outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel, by the statue of a horse.

I will bring hot water in thermoses and also instant coffee, tea, cups and some cookies and Swedish candy. 

You are all welcome!

8 thoughts on “Update Filers Meetup for Worldcon

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  2. Hey,

    I will TRY to make an appearance at the rendezvous point tomorrow but since I am in charge of the Press Office, it may entirely depend on whether or not something apocalyptic is happening around then.

    So, fingers crossed…
    Chris B.

  3. Sorry I missed the tea gathering (as I think of it; I know that other thing, “coffee,” was there, too)! I wasn’t feeling great today (nothing contagious, don’t worry), but I love tea & Filers, so I wanted to be there.

  4. Thanks, @Hampus! I’ve lasted longer today already, so I believe/hope/pray I’m fine now. 🙂

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