Victory Comic by Ukranian Artists

It just happened! Ukrainian publishing house The WILL Production together with the company  Art Nation presents the comic Victory, created by Ukrainian artists who worked on it from the first days of the large-scale invasion of the Rashists, channeling their anger, despair, courage, love and dreams into a single manifestation of the nation’s struggle for freedom.

Publisher Tokyopop gave the comic its digital release on August 24, and will release the print edition on September 13. Part of the proceeds from sales will be sent to the Razom for Ukraine fund.

What if your family, your hometown, your entire way of living were threatened by force? That’s what the people of Ukraine faced when Putin’s Russian army invaded their sovereign land, displacing millions of refugees and causing an international crisis threatening democracy across the globe. But the Ukrainian people refused to cave – and these 9 stories weave the greater tale of their resistance – and fight for Victory!

The comic book collection consists of nine graphic novels each in their own unique style and zarní.

Among the authors of the legend of the Ukrainian comic industry: Alexander Koreshkov, Catherine Kosheleva, Eugene Tončilov, Vladimir Povoroznik, Oleg Okunêv, Igor Kurilin, Maxim Bogdanovsʹkij, Bogdana Vitkovsʹka, Nazar Ponik, Kiril Malov.

Stu Levy, Founder/CEO of Tokyopop, encourages people to use this comic to learn about the war’s impact on millions of Ukranians.

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you this publication. War is never a welcome event, but some conflicts are unavoidable and important. Unfortunately, the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is quite the opposite — it is simply a unilateral act of state violence and greed. The actions of Vladimir Putin and the Russian army have unleashed widespread destruction, atrocity and death and have forced millions of innocent Ukrainians, mainly women and children, to flee their homeland.

Two of those refugees — a young mother, Natalia, and her 3-year-old daughter, Kyra — are living with my family at our home in Berlin, Germany. Following the invasion in February 2022 and soon after the birth of our daughter in March 2022, we attended an event here in Berlin where many Ukrainians — unsure of where to go or what to do next — gathered for fellowship and information. Ukraine’s neighbor, Poland, has given refuge to millions of people, with nearly 1 million also now residing in Germany. We have had a wonderful experience with Natalia and little Kyra as two families living as one (my little son Aiden has become Kyra’s inseparable bosom buddy), but it breaks my heart to watch her FaceTime every night with her father and grandparents still back in Ukraine. Their neighborhood has been shattered by Russian bombs and last week Natalia’s best friend’s house was destroyed — the explosion and shrapnel just missing her friend’s mother by a dozen yards.

Displacement, anxiety, and fear are now part of daily life for millions of Ukrainians — both at home and abroad. The 9 stories in VICTORY FOR UKRAINE were created entirely by Ukrainians to express their fears, tears, and anger towards “the Enemy.” While Ukraine and its people are on the defense, they will never surrender and their resolve and will to fight and rally the world is an inspiration and a shining beacon of freedom.

VICTORY FOR UKRAINE is one way we can not only learn about their struggles but also join them in solidarity. Comics are a truly personal medium and one with unlimited beauty and depth. TOKYOPOP and I are very honored to be able to play a small role in delivering their message to you. Thank you for joining us in welcoming these brave individuals, these creators, these fighters into our homes, and may they one day achieve Peremoha: Victory for Ukraine.

[Based on a press release.]

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