Want a Real Lights-Out NASFiC?

Smofs have noticed that a total eclipse will be visible from North America on August 21, 2017. Speculating that the Japan in 2017 Worldcon bid will succeed, they’ve been looking over prospective sites for a NASFiC along the path of the eclipse. Unfortunately, the only decent convention city with even a partial view will be Nashville. Its Gaylord Opryland Hotel, damaged by flooding this past May, once was pursued by Louisville & Nashville fans who wanted to bid it as the 1994 Worldcon site. When the hotel management downgraded their option, the committee was forced to bid for another city. So there are lingering hard feelings, making it unlikely anyone would bid for a Nashville NASFiC.

Opryland Hotel flooded in May 2010.

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One thought on “Want a Real Lights-Out NASFiC?

  1. I hope to be at my cousin Ed the florist’s greenhouses. The totality there will be less than one second shorter than the maximum totality, and the office building has a refrigerator!

    This eclipse will be part of Saros 145, which began on January 4, 1639 and will end on April 17, 3009. The previous eclipse in this saros was on August 11, 1999 (and as I recall was reported in Plokta); the next one will be on September 2, 2035 and will be visible in China, North Korea, and Japan.

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