We Interrupt This Christmas

As I touch down at home at the end of Christmas Day, ballasted by pumpkin pie and carrying a stack of gifts, I can offer File 770 readers two more digital souvenirs of the holiday.

First is Gahan Wilson’s F&SF cover for Harlan Ellison’s 1969 story “Santa Claus vs. S.P.I.D.E.R.” — the link goes to Google Books’ multi-page excerpt (via Steven E. de Souza).

Ellison Santa Claus Gahan Wilson

Then, James H. Burns’ affords us the opportunity to see the cast of Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera lip-synch Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” something they did because every year Mariah Carey is in the audience with her mother, seeing her mom’s favorite show once again. (The video was directed by cast member Jeremy Stolle.)

“Thanks to the good folks at Playbill.com,” says Burns. “This is actualy kind of joyous, and, inherently, a neat, behind the scenes look at a Broadway show!”

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4 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Christmas

  1. Now, as I once again display my ignorance for all to see–


    If someone could just explain the penguin to me…!

    Best, Jim

  2. The Gahan Wilson F&SF cover reminds me of the days when a Wilson cartoon was a regular feature in that magazine. Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine has an article about Wilson in their current issue that fails to mention Wilson’s F&SF connection (the writer was more impressed by his appearances in Playboy and the New Yorker). But now I’m trying to remember, when exactly were F&SF’s Wilson years?

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