Wednesday Morning Sasquan Pixel

There’s a strong forest fire ash scent in the air — when we flew in last night and encountered that suspicious burning paper smell passengers started looking around to see if something had gone wrong aboard the plane.

This morning I emerged from the elevator and there was Dennis Miller with his bicycle, setting a good example for the rest of us. I also met Amy Thomson who filled me in about the Ranquet location.

Dennis and I headed for registration. En route we got to say hi to Larry Niven, and Michelle Pincus gave us some gag ribbons for our badges. Mine says “48% Sith, so don’t push it.” I’ll let you know when somebody gives me the ribbon that answers what the other 52% is….

Although the reg line was advancing at a shuffling pace, which is good for the first morning of a Worldcon,I decided that would be too long standing on a hard surface. So wandered back til I found a spot to crash on a bench, which happened to be next to Colin Harris, a past Worldcon chair and Journey Planet coeditor.

While working on this post I’ve said hello to Jo Walton, Dave McCarty, Morris keesan and James Bacon.

And somebody just walked by wearing an “Occupy Mars” t-shirt, which kind of symbolizes why I come to these things.

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355 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Sasquan Pixel

  1. Sitting at the pub having drinks with an up-and-coming author, Eric Flint walks by, and very graciously stopped at my greeting for a couple minutes of conversation.

    He had no ribbons on his badge. Now he has one. For EPH.

  2. @JJ

    I missed this over the weekend, but having caught up can I say thanks for the Space Opera panel blogging, it was really interesting.

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