Westercon Futures, Bona Fide and Faux

There’s a real Denver bid for the 2018 Westercon listed in Kevin Standlee’s report. It’s included on the Westercon 71 placeholder site and has its own Westsidecon bid webpage. They’re even taking presupports. The only thing you can’t find out is a single name of anyone involved with the bid….

On the other hand, the hoax Dublin (California) in 2019 Westercon bid was happy to go in front of the camera at the Westercon 68 Fannish Inquisition —

3 thoughts on “Westercon Futures, Bona Fide and Faux

  1. Westercon 68 had two inquisition sessions, the first for future Westercons (as required by the rules) and one for future Worldcons and bids (because Westercon attendees tend to be interested Worldcon voters). This was from the Worldcon session.

    The Dublin (CA) in 2019 bid is a Worldcon bid, running against Dublin (IE) in 2019.

    Vote Dublin in 2019! East Bay go Bragh!

  2. We did indeed shoot video of the Westercon Inquisitions; however, I’ve had major computer problems with the machine I was using to process the video, so I haven’t had an opportunity to process and upload the files. They also won’t have anywhere near as good video quality because between the Westercon and Worldcon inquisitions the Westercon 68 tech team found the piece of kit that allowed us to connect the sound system directly to the camera. I’ll post the video when I have a chance, but I don’t have an ETA right now as I struggle to get the main computer running again.

  3. I don’t know if it was there on the bid’s placeholder page when you first saw it, but there is a Bid Team page for the Denver bid.

    I don’t know of a web page for Westercon 69 (Tempe) yet. When I hear one has launched, I will update the placeholder on the Westercon.org site that lists Westercon 69 but currently only links back to itself.

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