WFC 2009 Adds Guest

World Fantasy Con 2009 will celebrate Edgar Allen Poe’s 200th birthday October 29-November 1 in San Jose.  The latest addition to the con’s already stellar list of guests is Serbian writer Zoran Žvkovi?:

We are delighted to announce one additional Guest of Honor, Serbian writer Zoran Žvkovi?. Zoran is a past winner of the World Fantasy Award for his mosaic-novel The Library. He has also been nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award.

[Thanks to Michael J. Walsh for the story.]

Update 09/05/2009: Changed guest’s name to end in a plain ‘c’ because I can’t get the code for the correct character to display properly. Which isn’t to say that anybody else with a rudimentary grasp of HTML would have the least trouble…

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8 thoughts on “WFC 2009 Adds Guest

  1. There is an encoding problem with the last letter of Zoran’s surname. It is supposed to be a “c” with an acute accent on top. In other words, his name is Zoran Zivkovic, but with diacritical marks on the first and last letter of his surname. I’m not going to try to reproduce those letters directly here.

  2. “Changed guest’s name to end in a plain ‘c’ because I can’t get the code for the correct character to display properly.”

    Does cut and paste work? Zoran Živkovi??

  3. Yes it does, even though I didn’t spell it correctly! (I really, really wish WordPress had a preview button for comments.)

    So, in general, here’s how it works: You put in the Unicode designation, preceded by &# and followed by a semicolon, all with no spaces. Unicode charts are available here; your difficult character is under “Latin Extended A”.

  4. While I can see that it worked for you, I have not been able to reproduce the results. When I enter & # 0 1 0 D (without the intervening spaces) it just converts to a capital D.

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