2 thoughts on “WFC 2025 Awarded to Birmingham, UK

  1. Mm-although the exact dates have yet to be announced, the usual WFC period is over Halloween. So in 2025 that would be Thu 30 Oct – Sun 2 November inclusive. And if those dates are chosen (and especially for any non UK –incl US– attendees), there will be “added value”. In that it is likely there to be a regular UK-based Con on either side of WFC 2025.So overseas fen could do all three-subject to time/budget of course.The weekend before (ie Fri 24-Sat 25 Oct), we have BristolCon (Bristol: South West England) and the weekend after (Fri 6 – Sun 8 Nov), we have Novacon 54 (near to Manchester, in N West England). Novacon is the 2nd oldest SF Con in UK and usually held in the Roman Spa town of Buxton. This in way would parallel the two Cons being held in Aug 2024 -either side of (now confirmed) WorldCon/Glasgow (itself Thu 8- Mon 12 inclusive). One week before Glasgow (Sat 3- Wed 7 Aug), we have LocationCon : visits to SF-related venues incl Portmeirion (The Prisoner) / S West Scotland (Wicker Man) etc and ending up in Glasgow the day before Worldcon there begins)-no web page yet tho an email to davelally(at)outlook(dot)com –with LocationCon in the heading– will bring some more data. And then 1 week after Glasgow : Eurocon/Rotterdam.

  2. Hm. Is “right” the best word for a winning bidcom? I would call it an honor or privilege. It works, but that word in this context has always bothered me.

    Regardless, congrats to the Birmingham bid committee.

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