Win Vonda McIntyre’s Superluminal

Two copies of Vonda McIntyre’s ebook Superluminal, published by Book View Cafe, will be awarded to the winners of SF Signal’s latest contest. Check the site to learn  how to enter.

The contest closes March 9.

The full press release follows the jump. is giving away two copies of Vonda N. McIntyre’s ebook, Superluminal, published by Book View Cafe. In Superluminal, Laenea Trevelyan, a starship pilot, has her heart replaced with a machine so she can survive faster-than-light travel. Orca, a diver, divides her time between starships and the Strait of Georgia, where her relatives include a family of killer whales and a group of other divers, human beings who can exist underwater, and who are, technically, at war with the United States. Radu Dracul, a colonist from the alien world Twilight, having chosen to leave his home and become a starship crew member, discovers he has abilities he never dreamed of.

For a chance to win a free copy, visit the SFSignal contest page:

Available formats include .prc, mobi, epub, or pdf. Contest ends Tuesday, March 9th, 11pm CST.

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