WisCon Previews Updated Anti-Abuse Strategy

In a few weeks WisCon will have a draft of its new member safety policies available for public review reports Jacquelyn Gill, chair of the convention’s Anti-Abuse Team.

One of the changes will be making WisCon’s Anti-Abuse Team a year-round department with a Safety representative and a historian/archivist, something Gill says “will help prevent past issues with institutional memory, mishandling of reports, and lack of follow-through.”

Another feature is a new policy “to address member conduct outside of WisCon that may threaten member safety at the convention, including doxing, outing, stalking, assault, and online harassment.”

And they are tightening coordination between WisCon’s Safety, Registration, Programming, and Volunteering departments so that any bans or programming restrictions are communicated and enforced.

The work of the Anti-Abuse Team is separate from the subcommittee handling Rose Lemberg’s report of harassment by F.J. Bergmann. The Lemberg subcommittee is soon expected to ask the concom for a final vote on its recommendations, which are as yet unknown.