Wolf Von Witting Will Run For TAFF

The 2016 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund race has its first declared candidate, Wolf Von Witting.

Wolf, was born in Finland, worked in Sweden for 25 years, and now lives in Italy. He made a strong showing last year, however, finished behind Nina Horvath.

This second consecutive Europe-to-North-America trip in 2016 is the result of the administrators’ decision to synchronize TAFF with projected European Worldcons.

In the latest issue of his fanzine, Counterclock #23, Wolf announced:

Yes, I will stand for TAFF again in 2016, though I had hoped for two consecutive Eastbound races instead to tweak the direction for Helsinki in 2017 and possibly Dublin in 2019. Work needs to be done on this side of the Atlantic. Europeans coming to North-America are well taken care of. But the Americans coming to Europe should get the opportunity to see more than the United Kingdom. At least IMHO.

It is unlikely that I will make a second bleak race in Europe this time. My friends have understood that I am not a default winner, and that they actually have to give me their vote, if I’m to win. I don’t know yet, who the other candidate will be, but I wish him or her all the best. I know who I wish would not be the other candidate. That would be the sf-fans I hope to nominate as future candidates.

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  1. I voted for Wolf last time. Since then, the reasons to vote for him have only grown, so I may vote for Wolf again this time.

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