I was glad to discover “WolfeWiki.” I would have been even more glad if creators of this site devoted to Gene Wolfe’s fiction felt qualified to offer the “‘correct’ answer to the question, ‘what happened in that story, anyway?'” Do we need an ambiguous Wiki?

The Wolfe researchers say they are following the writer’s own lead, noting his use of unreliable narrators and love of the mysterious.

Are there other Wikis that emulate the the best-known traits of the writers they’re dedicated to? Like a Harlan Ellison Wiki that SHOUTS EVERY ANSWER AT YOU IN ALL CAPS?

[Via SF Signal.]

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2 thoughts on “WolfeWiki

  1. Are you honestly complaining that a discussion group about art is refusing to define that art for you? Must you be spoonfed the meaning? Please.

  2. And while you’re at it, you can tell me the meaning of your comment, too. In the great blogly tradition, you’re so busy making some totally unrelated point it’s not clear you even understood what I said.

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