Women’s Art Show Overcomes Vandalism

A show by women artists in Bakersfield has bounced back after vandals damaged and removed some of the art. Photos in the Bakersfield Express indicate numerous fantasy-themed works are among the 300 pieces on display.

What started out as a joke – a way to get back at the discrimination and conservatism women artists felt they were experiencing in Bakersfield – has now grown so much that the annual Burn The Witch all-female group art show had to find a new venue this year.

But even that came with a price. Nearly two weeks ago, after the women had hung the first submitted art pieces on the wall to get ready for this Saturday’s event, curator Nyoka Jameson was horrified to find some of the artwork missing and vandalized.

Apparently, the two bingo groups that share the space at Westchester Hall didn’t like what they were seeing, Jameson said.

Damaging art and walking off with it are crimes, and the police are investigating.  


[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

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