WOOF 2020

Guy Lillian III, Official Editor, has announced plans for the 2020 collation and distribution of the Worldcon Order Of Fan-Editors aka W.O.O.F.

CoNZealand will be a virtual convention, therefore W.O.O.F. 2020 will itself be an online production. Send PDFs of your zines to Guy at: [email protected]. Be sure to include an up-to-date e-dress of your own. The deadline is 12 midnight Eastern on August 6.

Guy adds:

I you can’t avoid hard copy and must send me a physical zine, the address is 1390 Holly Ave., Merritt Island FL 32952. I’ll scan your pages, but please mail extra early.

And he explains why the deadline is after the end of CoNZealand.

I’m scheduling this disty for after the Worldcon to glean people’s reactions to CoNZealand and to include the at-convention newszines, Hugo results and whatnot. But write what you wish! Comment on the last WOOF mailing. How’s the coronavirus treating you? What’s happened over the past year? Any memories of cons or WOOFs past you’d like to share?

Finally, Guy exhorts —

Pub your ish for WOOF 2020, in the 45th year of the annual Worldcon Apa! It won’t be the same without you.