Worldcon 75 Membership Figures

Worldcon 75, the 2017 Worldcon in Helsinki, has released their latest membership numbers.

3,182 Attending
1,818 Supporting
5,000 Total

That’s a good size compared against other Worldcons held outside North America (provided you set aside the record-setting LonCon 3 in 2014).

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3 thoughts on “Worldcon 75 Membership Figures

  1. I suspect it’s a good size against \any/ Worldcon, considering that it’s still nine months away; how many members did London have that far out? Worldcon memberships used to rise at steadily increasing rates; the price and travel costs may flatten the end of the curve, but my guess is that nine months out is too early for that to happen.

  2. @Chip: We got to see some charts with historical data (from several recent Worldcons), and yes, Worldcon 75 holds its own very well, and seemed to be in the top two-three for this far out among recent cons (which I believe were from Reno forward, with still incomplete MAC 2 data). Loncon (attendees) and Sasquan (supporting) were the two main outliers – Sasquan’s bar after the Sad Puppy news broke was just staggering, otherwise it was mostly slow and steady.

    I do believe that the very – ah – vigorous campaign for 2017 did help to bolster Worldcon 75’s numbers, especially for supporting members.

  3. Chip asked: ‘how many members did London have that far out?

    At the end of November 2013, Loncon 3 had 3,751 attending and 582 supporting members, total 4,333.

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